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Javid Khan

Javid Khan


Javid is an industry thought leader with over 22 years senior experience in KPMG and leading IT consultancies. In 2013, Javid co-founded LayerV which was a highly successful cloud services-based business subsequently acquired by Pulsant in 2017. Javid has been voted AWS one to watch from 2015 and has been a global cloud ambassador and thought leader since. Javid has subsequently held global roles, leading on growth strategy and M&A. Javid co founded CloudGuard with Matt in August 2020.

Matt Lovell

Matt Lovell


Matt is also an IT industry veteran with over 28 years senior experience. Matt was voted a CIO100 member in 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2021 and a Microsoft Certified Technical Architect by invitation only from 2003. Matt has held various senior roles at Microsoft, Severn Trent Plc, Perot Systems, ComputaCenter, Digica, Pulsant, BCN, SmarterMed and SoftwareONE. He is a significant investor in Renewable Energy since 2010.

Experience into results

Why did they create CloudGuard?

Both Javid and Matt have worked in security for decades. They’ve seen first hand that the traditional cybersecurity approaches run up against the same core limitations again and again. These issues are especially painful for those mid-size companies that don’t have massive tech budgets, but still need to take security seriously.

Manual intensive

Traditional approaches are very manual, relying heavily on human intervention to detect and address threats, which is slow, causes delay and is prone to error.

Skill shortages

There is simply a massive lack of talent and experience in security, which means companies don’t have the skills in-house that they need to be fully secure (without breaking the bank).


The complexity of a business’ technology landscape and the sheer volume of security threats is overwhelming. No human can fully grasp what’s going on!

Spiralling costs

Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable element of modern business, so companies are forced to pay the spiralling bill for expensive talent and tooling in order to stay secure.

They saw that a fresh approach was needed to break out of this cycle.

And AI, ML and automation is the only approach that meets all of these needs: reducing manual input, alleviating complexity, reducing the need for skills, while reining in costs.

The base

How did they create CloudGuard?

The core platform that CloudGuard is built on is Microsoft Sentinel.

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security platform that uses AI to enhance threat detection, accelerate responses, increase effectiveness while reducing costs by as much as 48% compared to traditional SIEMs.

CloudGuard is a plug-and-play service layer around Sentinel that provides custom workflows, automations and a sophisticated presentation layer to simplify and enhance your Sentinel deployment.

Our team helps you to seamlessly deploy, connect and optimally set up Sentinel for your exact business needs within 48 hours. All without touching your data or your Microsoft subscription.

3D illustration showing cloudguard connecting to microsoft sentinel