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Cybersecurity in utilties industry

The disruption of utilities results in widespread chaos. Outdated industrial control systems (ICS) and the interconnected nature of utility networks make this an appealing target for cybercriminals looking to cause significant disruption and extort big ransom payouts.

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Utilities Cybersecurity

The utilities industry is too important to fall victim to cyberattacks

National and public safety are paramount. An attack in utilities can not only lead to widespread disruption but poses a significant risk to human life.

The utilities sector is caught at a crossroads, where relying on legacy technology to ensure operational efficiency and the need to defend against new and evolving cyber threats has become a challenging balancing act.

Key challenges

Operational technology

Operational technology (OT) often uses legacy systems not designed for modern cybersecurity. They frequently lack compatibility with current security measures and receive infrequent updates, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Targeted attacks

Cybercriminals and nation-state actors find this an attractive attack vector. A successful attack on critical infrastructure impacts public safety, economic stability, and national safety.

Skills shortage

The interconnective nature of this sector requires cybersecurity professionals who have a deep understanding of industrial control systems, legacy systems and cybersecurity principles.

Energy and utilities cybersecurity in numbers

What an attack could mean for your business.

World’s top energy companies suffered a breach in 202390%
% of all UK attacks targeted at energy sector24%
Utilities firms have experienced at least one security breach in the past 3 years87%
Believe the industry is more at risk of cyber attacks than others84%
How CloudGuard Can Help

Tailored energy and utilities cybersecurity solutions

CloudGuard is here to address the cybersecurity challenges facing the utilities sector. Our selection of cybersecurity solutions – including 24/7 managed SecOps, comprehensive posture assessments, and expert CISO advisory services – help to strengthen your defences, ensure compliance, and keep you protected 24/7.

Proactive protection

24/7 Managed Security Operations

We often hear that cost is the biggest barrier to implementing effective, in-house cybersecurity. We want to change that. Introducing CloudGuard’s 24/7 Managed Security Operations – designed to keep costs down while offering unmatched protection.

By unifying all your security data into one place, we can detect, analyse, and respond to all alerts at machine speed thanks to our AI and automation-powered virtual SOC Analyst. Any incident or alert that can’t be automatically resolve is triaged to our UK-based Managed SOC team to provide that extra level of human critical thinking that can never be replaced.

By streamlining this process from hours to mere seconds, we significantly reduce the impact of threats, overcoming energy and utilities cybersecurity challenges.

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security posture assessment
Find your blind spots

Security Posture Assessment

Understanding your attack surface in the face of cyber threats is essential. Our detailed assessment evaluates your critical infrastructure and operational technology systems, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights to mitigate risks and ensure the reliability of essential services.

With our expertise, you can protect your operations, defend critical infrastructure, and maintain trust with customers and stakeholders.

Expert advice

CISO Advisory Services

A great CISO plays a major role in protecting your business, but this isn’t always an option due to costs and talent shortages. CloudGuard’s experienced CISO-as-a-Service advisors can provide you with the guidance and support needed to improve your security posture.

From conducting comprehensive risk assessments to developing strategic cybersecurity roadmaps and advising on regulatory compliance, our CISO advisory service helps you to proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks, protect critical assets, and strengthen resilience against emerging threats.

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Case study

CloudGuard’s MXDR Automates 98% of Amazon Filters Threat Responses

Amazon Filters lacked internal resources for cybersecurity in the face of rising threats. By teaming up with CloudGuard, they automated threat detection, analysis and response. In just 90 days, automation addressed 98% of alerts, resulting in a 52-day saving compared to manual methods. CloudGuard’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel provided real-time threat visibility and streamlined operations. With CloudGuard managing 1633 alert responses effortlessly, Amazon Filters can focus on what truly matters – growing their business.

Automation Impact
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