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Cybersecurity in Professional Services

A cyberattack on a professional services provider can have severe consequences. Data breaches, intellectual property theft, and disruption of client services can damage reputations – leading to substantial financial setbacks. Implementing proactive cybersecurity measures tailored to professional services is needed to maintain operations and client trust.

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Professional Services Cybersecurity

Professional services are prime targets for cybercriminals

Cybercriminals love professional services companies due to the sensitive nature of their data. With access to clients’ financial, legal, and personal information, they present lucrative opportunities for extortion, identity theft, and corporate espionage.

Reliance on digital infrastructure also makes them vulnerable to ransomware attacks and data breaches. That’s why professional services cybersecurity is a must.

Key challenges

Remote working

With the rise of remote work, businesses rely heavily on digital collaboration tools and cloud infrastructure. This decentralisation increases the attack surface, making it harder to monitor and secure all endpoints and connections.

Third-party risks

Each third-party vendor connection, such as tech providers and consultants, introduces new vulnerabilities. These potentially weak links can be exploited to gain unauthorised access to sensitive data or systems.

New tech

Emerging technologies, like IoT and AI, have the power to transform business operations but also expand attack surfaces. Each new integration or tool provides cybercriminals with more entry points to exploit and wreak havoc.

Professional services cybersecurity in numbers

What an attack could mean for your business.

PS firms attacked in the UK last year75%
Resulted in reputational damages43%
Suffered reputational damage47%
Said phishing most common attack84%
How CloudGuard Can Help

Professional services cybersecurity solutions

CloudGuard is here to solve the cybersecurity challenges facing professional services providers. Our ecosystem of professional services cybersecurity solutions, featuring 24/7 managed SecOps, provides continuous analysis of both traditional and cutting-edge technologies. This improves business-wide security, protecting sensitive data for clients and partners worldwide.

Proactive protection

24/7 Managed Security Operations

We often hear that cost is the biggest barrier to implementing effective, in-house cybersecurity. We want to change that. Introducing CloudGuard’s 24/7 Managed Security Operations – designed to keep costs down while offering unmatched protection.

By unifying all your security data into one place, we can detect, analyse, and respond to all alerts at machine speed thanks to our AI and automation-powered virtual SOC Analyst. Any incident or alert that can’t be automatically resolve is triaged to our UK-based Managed SOC team to provide that extra level of human critical thinking that can never be replaced.

By streamlining this process from hours to mere seconds, we significantly reduce the impact of threats, overcoming professional services cybersecurity challenges.

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security posture assessment
Find your blind spots

Security Posture Assessment

Understanding your attack surface in the face of cyber threats is essential. Our detailed assessment evaluates your supply chain security, legacy systems, and emerging technologies like IoT devices, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights to mitigate risks and enhance compliance with industry regulations.

With our expertise, you can protect your operations, defend valuable intellectual property, and maintain trust with customers and partners.

Expert advice

CISO Advisory Services

A great CISO plays a major role in protecting your business, but this isn’t always an option due to costs and talent shortages. CloudGuard’s experienced CISO-as-a-Service advisors can provide you with the guidance and support needed to improve your security posture.

From conducting comprehensive risk assessments to developing strategic cybersecurity roadmaps and advising on regulatory compliance, our CISO advisory service helps you to proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks, protect critical assets, and strengthen resilience against emerging threats.

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Case study

CloudGuard’s MXDR Automates 98% of Amazon Filters Threat Responses

Amazon Filters lacked internal resources for cybersecurity in the face of rising threats. By teaming up with CloudGuard, they automated threat detection, analysis and response. In just 90 days, automation addressed 98% of alerts, resulting in a 52-day saving compared to manual methods. CloudGuard’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel provided real-time threat visibility and streamlined operations. With CloudGuard managing 1633 alert responses effortlessly, Amazon Filters can focus on what truly matters – growing their business.

Automation Impact
Automations Executed
Alerts Managed
Days Saved vs Manual
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