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CloudGuard protects protect all types of companies, regardless of size. We know each industry has its own cybersecurity problems, so we work to lower your risks without breaking your budget.

Cybersecurity by industry

Navigating cybersecurity challenges across sectors

Organisations across all industries face a rising tide of cyber threats, with attackers growing more sophisticated worldwide. Perpetrators range from politically-driven entities to profit-seeking individuals or groups.

Each sector, whether it’s private, public, or non-profit, faces distinct challenges in managing cyber risks, shaped by its unique risk appetite and security stance. Our mission is to assist you in ongoing risk mitigation regardless of your stage in the cybersecurity journey.

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Legal Sector Cybersecurity

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Manufacturing Cybersecurity

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Financial Services Cybersecurity

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Professional Services Cybersecurity

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Energy & Utilities Cybersecurity

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Public Sector Cybersecurity


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