Our promise

Caring for the environment through sustainability

CloudGuard operates without a leased office. Our serviced office partnership includes corporate sustainability commitments on behalf of all their customers to offset carbon footprint. All energy sourced and utilised in the premises is from renewable energy.

We are a cloud-based business and focus on limited employee travel carbon footprints. We meet once per month and largely use public transport. The carbon footprint of each journey is recorded and we offset this annually with rewilding and tree planting. In 2023, we planted 219 trees in the UK to offset the travel based carbon footprint. Our corporate travel policy remains only absolutely necessary travel to customers.

We only buy refurbished technology for our staff of a good specification. This has been our policy since inception. In 2023, we planted an additional 81 trees to offset the estimated carbon footprint of logistics to deliver kit to Guardians. All packaging has to be recycled.

We monitor the carbon footprint of our cloud service consumption carefully using both native Microsoft carbon calculator tools, as well as specialist tools developed by one of the founders – utilised in their renewable energy generation business. In 2023, we planted a further 238 trees to offset.

We nominate 2 charities per year to support in order to make a meaningful contribution. The Guardians select these charities. In 2023, our nominated charities were Cancer Research and MIND. Whilst remote events are more challenging in smaller organisations to raise money, the founders commit to making a defined payment of £1,000 per charity each year for each charity. As we grow, we will increase this value.

In 2022, we made a commitment to sponsor undergraduates in cybersecurity and our first sponsorship stated in September 2022. We are now committing to 2 Apprenticeships in 2024 alongside more undergraduate placement sponsorships.

In 2024, we will continue to invest more employee time in developing and sharing our content and expertise with the wider cyber communities. In particular, we are targeting more content support and briefing sessions to local colleges and universities, as well as remote drop in clinics to help anyone seeking to enter or develop their cybersecurity careers throughout the year.