Making security fun again

CloudGuard is an innovative, disruptive, dynamic and fast-growing AI-focussed cyber security start-up founded in 2020. We have been recognised as “one to watch” by market analysts in 2022.

At CloudGuard, we want to disrupt cybersecurity with modern ways to tackle complex, evolving threats.

Malicious organisations are using sophisticated AI and ML to create all kinds of threats at mind-bending scale.

Why let them have all the fun?

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We’re hiring

Jobs at CloudGuard

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Why join CloudGuard?

Here at CloudGuard, we want to breathe fresh life into the world of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity needs to be more responsive, predictive and less labour-intensive to drive better customer experiences. That’s why we’re creating a disruptive, dynamic bunch of cybersecurity ‘Guardians’ to make security fun again.

Our ethos is to let machines do what they do best and let humans do what they do better! How? By using the latest security solutions, supported by automation and logic apps to do the heavy lifting, to eliminate the mundanity and overwhelming work volumes. The result? Increased human expert focus on the areas that matter most.

Our team of unconventional Guardians are developing an AI-powered MXDR service that brings increased automation and innovation to security in every business, enabling organisations to securely accelerate and optimise their digital transformations. It does all this through a commercial framework that delivers class-leading cybersecurity posture optimisation to SMB and SME organisations.

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Core values

The Guardian code

The Guardian culture is one of:

  • Customer Obsession, we establish true partnerships with our customers
  • Innovation, we take bold steps to disrupt the industry and drive real value
  • Integrity, we uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions working with customers to rapidly improve their security posture then keep it optimal
  • Continuous Learning, we share knowledge and always stay ahead of the curve, continually innovating and seeking new ways to simplify and automate. We are always learning and can always be better!

Our mission is to liberate businesses from the crippling constraints of conventional approaches to security, lifting the burden of uncertainty and simplifying the complexity of modern security operations.

If you want to change how businesses do security, free yourself from conventional cybersecurity practices, get involved with the latest AI and ML technologies, and have fun while you’re at it, you are in the right place.

We are looking for passionate, self-motivated and experienced technical leaders to help shape our platform. And we mean shape and build – you will be a key part of an exciting startup and make a real difference.


Our ethos is to let machines do what they do best and let humans do what they do best

We are constantly evolving and developing our knowledge on how AI and automation will be able to transform this industry.

We’re not in the game to just build a new team of traditional SOC analysts, we want to automate the SOC. This frees us all up to master the human element of cybersecurity: the high-level strategic threat hunting and the real threat intelligence that will form the foundation of the next generation of cybersecurity.

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Make the world better

What will I be doing at CloudGuard?


You will help us to create a brand new security engagement framework that has automation and artificial intelligence at its core, delivering lightning fast responses to customers.


By using the best AI-powered technology, we want to bring great certainty, accuracy, reliability, and improved standardisation to our customers, while reducing cost and complexity.


Join some of the best ThreatOps and automation experts in the world, dedicated to building out a continuously-evolving library of threat-intelligence automation systems.


Discover careers at CloudGuard

Join our disruptive, dynamic and delightful band of cybersecurity pioneers and help us make security fun again!

Malicious organisations are using sophisticated AI and ML to create all kinds of threats at mind-bending scale. Why let them have all the fun? Come and join us to free our customers from the conventional practices of cybersecurity.