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Introducing the Microsoft Sentinel SAP Connector Optimisation Service

sentinel sap connector optimisation service

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are embracing the dynamic fusion of Microsoft and SAP solutions to propel their operations to new heights. However, ensuring a robust and continuously improving security framework across these crucial services has remained a challenging feat—until now. We are thrilled to launch our innovative Microsoft Sentinel SAP Connector Optimisation Service, a game-changing solution that transforms the way you perceive and manage security within your organisation.

A seamless integration of powerhouses

Microsoft understands the complex needs of businesses relying on both its innovative technologies and SAP’s mission-critical applications. The result? The Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP® applications, an innovative step forward in connecting, ingesting, visualising, protecting, and automating the security logs of your platform and SAP applications.

This enables businesses to proactively safeguard their assets by comprehensively understanding, monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents.

Unlocking centralised security excellence

The Challenge: The need for centralised security visibility and detection of data breaches, security incidents, and alerts within SAP systems, managing sensitive business-critical data, has been a long-standing puzzle for SAP customers.

The Solution: Enter the Sentinel connector to SAP, a new solution that enables continuous threat monitoring across networks, operating systems, interfaces, databases, applications, and business processes. Let’s delve into the myriad of benefits this cutting-edge service brings to the table:

🌐 Centralised Visibility: Our service presents security teams with the ability to correlate and normalise SAP signals across diverse environments.

🚀 Threat Intelligence Leveraging: We leverage threat intelligence, enrichment, and context to build continually improving detection and response mechanisms.

📊 Granular Monitoring: Enjoy the prowess of monitoring transactions, privileged escalation, role changes, unauthorized access, and unapproved/unexpected changes.

⚙️ Automated Responses: Empower your organization with rapid automated responses, mitigating risks and bolstering business resilience.

🛡️ Unified Incident Response: Seamlessly centralise security monitoring and incident response within your organization, supported by the expertise of application and platform specialists.

The CloudGuard advantage

Our CloudGuard service includes a complete approach to maximising the potential of the Microsoft Sentinel SAP Connector:

🔍 Thorough Scoping: Tailoring the Microsoft Sentinel SAP connector to your unique Sentinel solution.

🌆 Landscape Review: A comprehensive examination of your SAP landscape to ensure thorough monitoring.

📑 SAP Logs Inspection: In-depth analysis of SAP logs to uncover security insights.

🧠 Best Practices Implementation: Deploying CloudGuard’s best practices for Sentinel SAP connector Data Collection Rules (DCRs) and data transformations before log ingestion.

💰 Cost Optimisation: We optimise Microsoft Sentinel log ingestion costs using event filters and CloudGuard’s analytical rules.

📈 Customised Use Cases: Crafting Sentinel use cases aligned with your specific parameters for enhanced security.

🔎 Threat Hunting Playbooks: Tailored threat hunting playbooks for your SAP processes and sensitive data.

🧪 Analytic Rule Customisation: Fine-tuning Sentinel SAP analytic rules within your workspaces.

🔐 Security Certification: Our expertise extends to on-premise, Azure, AWS, and Google cloud platforms, ensuring the Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP® applications is certified for SAP S/4HANA® on-premise, SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, and Private Edition RISE with SAP.

Elevating security to new heights

While Microsoft Sentinel brings remarkable security content, our CloudGuard experts recommend enhancing the system with SAP-specific watchlists, detection rules, and response playbooks. We meticulously verify that Sentinel effectively monitors the PAHI table and all related cloud resources, and we provide adept insights to optimise log ingestion costs.

Our dedicated service ensures ingested logs align with your business processes, driving improved security posture in centralised monitoring.

How this benefits your organisation

With the goal of achieving centralisation, CloudGuard has developed advanced automation that seamlessly integrates and optimises security logs from SAP’s critical business processes, platforms, applications, databases, and cloud services into the SIEM. This innovative process ensures data is refined and prepared before being ingested into the workspace.

The common problem is that SAP security logs can be extensive and therefore, without governance and optimisation, expensive in Microsoft Log Analytics. Further use cases must also be built to both accelerate automation and detection correlation across disparate systems in the SAP business fabric.

As every SAP customer landscape can be different, we’ll actively work with you to understand the security visualisations you need, supported by corresponding use cases and automation.  We then align this to security ROI through cost optimisation. Our team of Sentinel experts help to maximise the benefits of Microsoft Sentinel with SAP into a unified security solution this enhances cyber security posture for your business.

Join the cybersecurity revolution with the SAP Sentinel Connector

The Microsoft Sentinel SAP Connector Optimisation Service is available as part of the Protect+ MXDR service from CloudGuard. It’s time for a new era of security excellence within your organisation. Together, we can counteract threats, fortify resilience, and confidently navigate the digital realm with unmatched assurance. Don’t miss out on securing your future—connect with us today!

Thomas Shelton15. Aug 2023