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Inspecting and improving your security posture

The key is successfully protecting your business against cyber attacks is strong security posture. Our cybersecurity consulting services can not only check the health of your security readiness – they can also recommend actions to improve and prepare your business for any eventuality.

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What we can do

Our cybersecurity consulting services

Here’s our range of cybersecurity consultancy services aimed at assessing and improving your business’ overall security posture. These have all been developed by our in-house, experienced team of cybersecurity consultants.

Business focus

What our cybersecurity consulting services bring to the table

Our Assess portfolio of cybersecurity consulting services help you to answer the most burning security questions about your business:

  • Where are the vulnerabilities in our security posture?
  • How does our security maturity compare against industry benchmarks?
  • Are we meeting our critical business security requirements?
  • What steps do I need to take to remediate the most critical vulnerabilities?

If you’re not able to answer one or all of these questions positively, you have a need to improve your security posture. Working with our cybersecurity consultants will unlock the full potential of cybersecurity for your business.

We’ll get a detailed understanding of where you are today, find gaps and weak points, and recommend steps to remediate those weaknesses.

Assess where you stand

We have a range of options to understand your current landscape, including surface scan and in-depth, expert analysis.

Plug any gaps

Once we understand your landscape and weaknesses in your attack surface, we can recommend the best remediation actions.

Create response plans

Even with the best security posture, are you prepared for the worst? We can create and evaluate your incident response plans.

Improve security posture

The end result – an improved and healthy security posture than keeps your protected but also prepared for any eventuality.

Trusted cybersecurity experts

Customers we’re protecting

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Why CloudGuard

Trusted expertise

Our expert security advisors have years of enterprise experience across on premise and multi-cloud environments, and we operate a zero trust ethos across our customer base.

Intelligent tools

We have partnered with world-class, innovative security technology partners to provide our consultants with the toolbox to maximise our value and provide deep insights to your environments

Microsoft strategy

We stand behind a Microsoft-first approach to meet your security challenges and requirements. We proudly built CloudGuard on the foundation of the Microsoft Security ecosystem.


We will benchmark your security baseline against industry best practice and provide expert recommendations to further improve your posture – so you can see how you improved.

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Complete the form to ask our experts any questions about your security posture and incident readiness. We have a range of pre-designed cybersecurity consultancy services available.

Even if you can’t find a specific service that meets your requirements, our experts can provide tailored, consultative guidance.