CloudGuard’s MXDR platform

Gain greater visibility of your security landscape

CloudGuard’s MXDR platform provides you with a streamlined view of all your security data in our service. Provided as part of the CloudGuard Protect, our one-click deploy gets you up and running in minutes.

Getting started

What is the CloudGuard MXDR Platform?

The CloudGuard MXDR Platform is cybersecurity dashboard that gives you a singular view of our managed security operations. Get fast and accurate insight into the priority of tasks and alerts.

Cybersecurity dashboard

CloudGuard MXDR Platform: Key features

Clearer overview

CloudGuard’s MXDR Platform transforms the data fed into Microsoft Sentinel through our managed XDR service into a a more powerful, concise way

This streamlined alternative to the Microsoft Sentinel dashboard can begin delivering valuable insights just 30 minutes after smooth deployment of our service.

Recognising your need for comprehensive incident awareness, we’ve amplified the depth of drilldown data accessible for all alerts. This enhancement provides you with a significantly clearer understanding of ongoing events.

gif showing how customers access their ticket queue in mxdr platform
automation impact in the mxdr platform

New metric: Automation impact

Introducing a dynamic metric designed to offer you new insight into the transformative influence of cybersecurity automation within your environment and across your security operations.

Automation Impact gives a complete view of the time saved through automated processes, spanning from threat intelligence analysis to triaging and resolution. Additionally, it offers visibility into the total number of tickets directly influenced and addressed through automation measures.

Custom time range filter

Our cybersecurity offers a custom time range filter, enabliong users to precisely examine their security data within specific periods. Whether you’re investigating a recent incident or conducting a retrospective analysis, this feature allows you to tailor your data view with ease.

Simply navigate to the filter options, click on the time range selector, and select the desired time frame. From there, our system swiftly retrieves and presents the relevant data for your review.

By using this filter alongside your existing data retention rules, you can gain deeper insights into your security landscape, enabling proactive threat detection and mitigation strategies.

example of checking connector health in mxdr platform

Health status for connectors

Monitoring connector health is critical for effective security operations. Our dashboard provides instant insights with a mouse hover. Easily detect any concerns and take action promptly, ensuring robust security infrastructure.

With easy access to critical information, you can effectively monitor and manage your connectors, protecting your systems and data with confidence.

Data connector drilldown

Using Data Connector Drilldown gives you a detailed view of data transmission within your environment. This feature allows you to monitor multiple vectors, including event numbers, various logs, and helpful metrics, providing a comprehensive understanding of data flow.

By using this drilldown, you can quickly view anomalies and potential threats across your network. Threats will be automatically detected and remediated through the Managed MXDR service. Overall, the data connector drilldown.

example of the connector data drilldown in the mxdr platform
gif showing how customers access their ticket queue in mxdr platform

Tickets needing your attention

We’ve streamlined the process that enables you to see the tickets that need your attention.  Simply click in the dashboard and it’ll take you to the ticketing system for alerts.

Data consumption

Data consumption is a critical cybersecurity metric, directly influencing security operation costs. Within the cybersecurity dashboard, we offer clear visuals and data, simplifying the identification of factors driving consumption in your environment.

These insights allow you to streamline your cybersecurity strategies, optimise operational costs and mitigate potential risks more proactively.

data consumption in the mxdr platform
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