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Stop threats in their tracks in minutes

Cyberattacks happen quickly. Your response needs to be even faster. CloudGuard’s MXDR service deploys artificial intelligence and automation to resolve threats at machine speed.

First things first

Why your business needs MXDR

31% businesses attacked weekly

Today’s threat landscape is evolving rapidly. Ransomware, malware and phishing remain the top tactics used by cybercriminals – and they continue to evolve ever more sophisticated and relentless attacks. It’s never been harder to protect your business. 1

What is MXDR?

MXDR, or Managed eXtended Detection and Response, is an advanced cybersecurity solution that protects your entire digital landscape. This 360 approach to your cybersecurity offers enhanced threat detection, response, and remediation.

What an MXDR service offers

Advanced threat detection

You need to be able to identify all threats quickly

Rapid incident response

You need to stop threats before they cause damage

24/7 proactive protection

You need to be proactive, not reactive, to stay safe

Protecting your business

Protect everything, miss nothing

Gain incident-level visibility throughout the entire kill chain with our MXDR service, enabling automatic disruption of advanced attacks and expediting responses across networks, endpoints, identities, email, collaboration tools, cloud applications, and data.


Secure your on-premise, multicloud, and multiplatform environments with ease.


Safeguard against phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and other threats.


Eliminate blindspots and secure endpoint devices across your entire organisation.


Get full insights into your SaaS applications and protect your sensitive data from attack.


Protect your users against identity-based threats with real-time data intelligence.


Protect IoT and OT ecosystems, the most rapidly expanding attack surface within your organisation.

Welcome to the future

How the CloudGuard MXDR service works

Our Managed XDR service offers game-changing protection from the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

The core of our MXDR service is built on Microsoft Sentinel – a cloud-native Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) platform. We’ve integrated SIEM with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), and global threat intelligence to create a  seamless MXDR service that detects, investigates, responds to, and protects against threats rapidly.

All security data stays within your existing Microsoft estate – where it belongs.

Trusted cybersecurity experts

Customers we’re protecting

Cloudguard MXDR plans

Scalable MXDR protection that grows with you

Standard deployment
ProtectPlug & play MXDR
  • 24x7 Automated Monitoring
  • UK Business Hours Expert SOC Support
  • Threat Intelligence Integration & Enrichment
  • Automated deployment via Lighthouse
  • Standard Connector Requirements
  • Automation Engine and Standard Rule Library
  • Dynamic Dashboard & Regular Reporting
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Jira Ticketing and Alert Management
Measurable results

What our MXDR service means for you

False positive reduction
Faster average response time
Faster ticket triage time
Reduced repeat alerts
preventative time won back
Why CloudGuard Managed XDR?

Outcomes that make a positive difference

Your business faces mounting challenges. There’s persistent threat actors, complex data streams from unconnected security systems, and a cyber skills shortage. Attack surfaces are bigger than ever before with threats coming at you from every angle. The financial, operational and reputational risks are also greater.

Thankfully, Our MXDR service instantly transforms your security operations, helping you overcome these challenges and taking things to the next level.

Solve the talent gap

Our combination of AI, automation and humans eliminates the steep learning curve normally required to run cybersecurity services, and reduces the need for you to hire difficult-to-find cyber skills.

Eliminate complexity

Traditional cybersecurity services are complex. Our managed XDR service isn’t. We connect all your business’ security data, analyse it, and configure it into easily digestible, actionable dashboards.

Catch what others miss

With fully integrated threat intelligence data feeds as standard, you’ll be instantly proactively protected against a wider range of devious threats compared to traditional cybersecurity solutions.

Respond to threats faster

Harnessing the power of automation means we can rapidly response to any incidents. Alerts are enriched, triaged and actioned within minutes. Less time means less risk of lasting damage.

Optimise and reduce costs

According to Microsoft, Sentinel is 48% less expensive to deploy than traditional security platforms. Further reduce costs by leveraging our automation expertise and remove the costly manual footprint.

Scale security posture

Our MXDR service can grow and scale with your business, meaning that you’re always going to be protected. Our Guardians are constantly writing new scripts, automations and improvements.

Achieve instant protection

Our seamless, automated deployment means you can be up and running in just 20 minutes. We then go on our learning journey to maximise your protection and strengthen your security posture.

Optimise and reduce costs

According to Microsoft, Sentinel is 48% less expensive to deploy than traditional security platforms. Further reduce costs by leveraging our automation expertise and remove the costly manual footprint.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is a cybersecurity service that protects businesses from potential threats and attacks across their entire technology landscape. MXDR blends advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, and human expertise to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents in a timely manner.

    MXDR services works by seamlessly integrating with existing cybersecurity approaches like SIEM, SOAR, and SOC – amplifying their capabilities. It leverages artificial intelligence and automation to shift through vast amounts of data from various sources, detecting and responding to threats in real-time. This intelligent automation reduces manual effort and allows for swift incident response and remediation.

    The cost of a managed XDR service varies based on factors like business size, complexity, and service provider. MXDR is typically a subscription-based service with recurring fees for monitoring and incident response. To get an accurate cost, it’s best to contact MXDR providers directly, considering factors such as endpoints monitored, threat intelligence, incident response, and customisation.

    There are many benefits to undertaking an MXDR service in your business, including: enhancing security, early threat detection, expert analysis and response, continuous monitoring, fast incident response and cost-effective security operations.

    CloudGuard’s MXDR service can ingest security data from your on-premise and cloud infrastructure platforms, email, endpoints, applications and more – covering your entire digital landscape in one place. We’ve got plenty out-of-the-box connectors ready to go, but we can also build custom connectors for more complex integrations.