Security Posture Assessment Service

Find your blind spots for stronger cybersecurity

Continually updated cybersecurity is part of doing business today. It is imperative to optimally configure your security, and always perform at the highest levels. But how do you know what’s effective? What cyber investments will your business most benefit from and where are your weaknesses?

That’s why the CloudGuard Security Posture Assessment Service is designed to accelerate your business protection and reduce exposure – with the added benefit of insight-driven decision making.

CloudGuard work extensively with SMB and SME businesses across all industries to help identify and implement the most effective cybersecurity solutions. We’ll analyse all your current cybersecurity measures, find your blind spots, and help you close those pesky exposure gaps.

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“The Q&A style of the assessment made it clear where we were lacking adequate protection and gave us a strategies roadmap to improve.”


Understand your risks

After through thorough investigation of your cybersecurity landscape, including vulnerability assessments and analysis of security metrics, our assessment report uncovers potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. By identifying these areas of risk, we help you to make informed decisions and prioritise necessary actions to strengthen your defences.

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Priortise your response

CloudGuard’s Security Posture Assessment report categorising your risks into critical, high, medium, and low priorities. Critical risks, such as severe vulnerabilities or active threats, demand immediate attention to prevent potential breaches.

High risks, while not as urgent, still require prompt action to mitigate potential impacts on your business. Medium risks may pose moderate threats and should be addressed in a timely manner to prevent escalation.

Finally, low risks, though less urgent, should not be ignored and can be scheduled for remediation based on available resources. By categorising risks based on severity, our assessment helps you prioritise your response effectively, ensuring that critical vulnerabilities are addressed first while efficiently managing resources to tackle lower-priority issues.


Improve your posture

CloudGuard’s Security Posture Assessment Service serves as a cornerstone for continually improving your security posture over time. By conducting thorough evaluations and providing actionable insights, our assessment helps you to implement targeted solutions and best practices to improve your security posture.

Regular assessments help identify evolving threats and vulnerabilities, allowing for proactive adjustments to your cybersecurity strategy. With each assessment cycle, you gain a deeper understanding of your security landscape, enabling informed decisions and continuous enhancements to your security posture.

By leveraging CloudGuard’s expertise and ongoing support, you can stay ahead of emerging threats, increase resilience, and ensure sustained protection for your business in today’s dynamic threat landscape.


Unlocking better cybersecurity for your business

Quick results

The Security Posture Assessment will take 2 to 3 hours to fully investigate your threat landscape, with 1 hour to present our findings.

Complete report

You’ll receive a complete report following our security gap analysis, giving you a full picture of your organisation’s risk exposure.

Actionable insights

You’ll know exactly what you to do in order to improve your business’ security posture and protect against threats.

Better security

You’ll be able to see your security posture improve over time and demonstrate the value of your cybersecurity investments.

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