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Cybersecurity in financial services

It’s no surprise that the finance sector has always been a prime target for cybercrime. From bank details to investment portfolios, the sheer volume of sensitive information at stake heightens the risk. When this information ends up in the wrong hands it’s incredibly dangerous.

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Financial Services Cybersecurity

The finance sector is one of the most targeted industries globally

The financial services industry has long been a target for cyber crime, which isn’t at all surprising given the vast amounts of sensitive financial data that these institutions hold. This includes anything from bank details to investment portfolios, which can be incredibly dangerous if they land in the wrong hands. Regulatory penalties, financial loss and reputational damage are just some of the impacts of a breach.

While many companies are aware of cyber threats and actively welcome initiatives to reduce their risks, the multifaceted challenge they present can make this a tricky task.

Key challenges

Digital advancements

Keeping up with digital advancements also means keeping up with the evolving cyber threats that come with them. Add in AI, blockchain and cloud computing – it becomes a tough balancing act.

Compliance and regulations

The finance sector is governed by numerous regulations and standards. Ensuring compliance is resource intensive and costly. Failing to comply results in hefty fines, loss of business and trust.

Insider threats

Individuals with access to confidential client data can misuse this information for personal gain or expose it through human error.

Financial services cybersecurity in numbers

What an attack could mean for your business.

Attacks resulted in data breaches or exfiltration35%
Finance businesses see cybersecurity as a high priority78%
Fintech & Trading App Tojans increase from Q4 2023 to Q1 20242140%
CEOs who stated they were “well prepared” for a cyber attack54%


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Watch our exclusive webinar on cyber threats in the financial services sector

We analysed the attack surfaces of 25 top financial services companies, and we’re ready to present our results to guide you on common vulnerabilties, and what you need to focus on to improve your security posture.

How CloudGuard Can Help

Effective financial services cybersecurity solutions

CloudGuard is here to address the cybersecurity challenges facing legal services. Our selection of financial services cybersecurity solutions – including 24/7 managed SecOps, comprehensive posture assessments, and expert CISO advisory services – help to strengthen your defences, ensure compliance, and keep you protected 24/7.

Proactive protection

24/7 Managed Security Operations

We often hear that cost is the biggest barrier to implementing effective, in-house cybersecurity. We want to change that. Introducing CloudGuard’s 24/7 Managed Security Operations – designed to keep costs down while offering unmatched protection.

By unifying all your security data, we can detect, analyse, and respond to all alerts at machine speed thanks to our AI and automation-powered virtual SOC Analyst. Any incident or alert that can’t be automatically resolve is triaged to our UK-based Managed SOC team to provide that extra level of human critical thinking that can never be replaced.

By streamlining this process from hours to mere seconds, we significantly reduce the impact of threats, overcoming financial services cybersecurity challenges.

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Find your blind spots

Security Posture Assessment

Understanding your attack surface in the face of cyber threats is essential. Our detailed assessment evaluates your entire digital estate and data management practices, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights to mitigate risks and protect sensitive information from unauthorised access.

With our expertise, you can protect your operations, defend valuable intellectual property, and maintain trust with customers and partners.

Expert advice

CISO Advisory Services

A great CISO plays a major role in protecting your business, but this isn’t always an option due to costs and talent shortages. CloudGuard’s experienced CISO-as-a-Service advisors can provide you with the guidance and support needed to improve your security posture.

From conducting comprehensive risk assessments to developing strategic cybersecurity roadmaps and advising on regulatory compliance, our CISO advisory service helps you to proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks, protect critical assets, and strengthen resilience against emerging threats.

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What customers say

CISO at radicant bank, a sustainability bank

I am impressed by the expertise and customisation of CloudGuard’s solution and services. As a digital sustainability bank, we at Radicant are breaking new ground and focusing on innovative solutions. With CloudGuard, we have a strong partner at our side who follows this mindset with the appropriate tools and specialists in the information security area.

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