Enhance services

Supercharging your incident time to resolve

Enhance takes our MXDR service to a whole other level. Integrate different levels of threat intelligence and continuous vulnerability management to give your business even greater protection against cyber threats.

Enhance services

Deeper security insights and knowledge

Our Enhance Services bring advanced threat intelligence analysis and vulnerability management capabilities to our MXDR service. These optional add-ons can provide even greater confidence in your continual cybersecurity coverage.

Business focus

Stay at the cutting-edge of AI-driven cybersecurity

CloudGuard’s Enhance services represent the next generation of proactively identifying, investigating and hunting cyber threats.

Leveraging market-leading threat intelligence and vulnerability platforms to provide a fully integrated, seamless experience with greater insights to constantly evolving threats.

We combine machine learning to provide automated analytics with human-finished intelligence from our ThreatOps team, to get ahead of emerging threats before they get to you.

Improve visibility

Take threat intelligence to the next level and get even greater insight into the latest threats targeting your landscape

Improve accuracy

With greater threat intelligence comes greater accuracy in automated analysis, threat enrichment, and triaging

Reduce complexity

Bring the management of your vulnerability landscape into one place, reducing complexity for your security teams

Improve response times

Slash response times even further with our advanced threat intelligence feeds and vulnerability knowledge

Trusted cybersecurity experts

Customers we’re protecting

Make the world better

Why CloudGuard

ThreatOps skills

We have some of the world’s best ThreatOps experts on hand to continuously update the platform in response to the latest threats, we ensure that your business is always defended

Customer support

Customer support is one of our core values. We are with you every step of the way, from initial onboarding to data ingestion and integration, and all the way to long-term optimisation

Intelligent tools

We have partnered and integrated our platform with world-class, innovative security technology partners to provide a single unique experience with deep insights across your environments

Trusted expertise

Our expert security advisors have years of enterprise experience across on premise and multi-cloud environments, and we operate a zero trust ethos across our customer base

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