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Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring for SAP

SAP systems and applications manage vast quantities of sensitive data hosted across Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), or on-premises infrastructures. The intricate SAP ecosystem poses challenges for security operations teams in effectively monitoring and protecting it. Microsoft Sentinel for SAP applications enables proactive monitoring, detection, and response to suspicious activities to shield your critical business data from sophisticated cyberattacks.

Comprehensive monitoring across all SAP system layers

We’ll give you visibility across business logic, application, database, and operating system layers with integrated investigation and threat detection tools.

Automated threat detection and response capabilities

We identify suspicious activities like privilege escalation, unauthoried alterations, sensitive transactions, and questionable data downloads using our pre-configured detection features, triggering automated responses.

Integration for complete threat assessment

We effectively pinpoint SAP-related threats by correlating data from all sources and SAP infrastructure, enhancing the accuracy of threat detection.

Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs

We’ll customise threat detection solutions to address your unique business risks, extending the capabilities of built-in security content to suit your organisation’s requirements.

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How Microsoft Sentinel for SAP Threat Monitoring works with CloudGuard Managed XDR

How CloudGuard MXDR works with SAP
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