We Are All About Disruption, AI and Automation


The World of Security is Ripe for Disruption.

By leveraging AI, ML and sophisticated automation we bring more certainty, greater accuracy, more reliability and improved standardisation to your security posture across your organisation.

We don’t want to build a new security operations centre. We want to automate it!

And we practice what we preach. Our whole business is born-in-the-cloud: highly-automated, highly-scalable and profoundly resilient.


World-Class ThreatOps Expertise

We have some of the best ThreatOps experts in the world dedicated to building out a sophisticated library of threat-intelligence automation systems.

By drawing on human expertise to continuously update our platform in response to the latest threats, we ensure that your business is always defended.

You don’t have to continuously keep up with ever-evolving cyber-threats.

Trust our experts to keep abreast of the latest threat intelligence and remediation approaches.

We Drive The Right Outcomes
with Relentless Customer Focus


Technology magnifies
power, it doesn’t guarantee success.

We know that the power of disruptive technologies has to be combined with deep knowledge of your business and its unique context.

That’s why we are obsessed with understanding you and your unique goals, needs and circumstances.

We assign a dedicated customer success manager to every CloudGuard Protect Plus client to ensure that our platform is deeply aligned with your business and driving the outcomes you need.


We Simplify Security By Leveraging The Microsoft Ecosystem

CloudGuard is built on the Microsoft security ecosystem, which includes Microsoft 365 Defender and Defender for Cloud, an enterprise defence suite, as well as Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native, AI-driven SIEM platform.

Our overall integrated XDR evolution platform is a powerful plug-and-play security augmentation layer that massively enhances the depth and effectiveness of the Microsoft ecosystem, while making it simpler and easier to manage.

We take the noise of your internal security landscape and the external world of ever-evolving cyber threats, distilling these down into a single-pane-of-glass, so you can manage your entire security posture in one place.

We are cybersecurity experts that leverage the power of AI and automation to help our customers continuously improve their security posture in a volatile world of growing threats.

Our mission is to liberate businesses from the crippling constraints of conventional approaches to security, lifting the burden of uncertainty and simplifying the complexity of modern security operations.

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