The CloudGuard Platform is a powerful plug-and-play security augmentation layer that massively enhances the depth and effectiveness of Microsoft Sentinel, while making it simpler and easier to manage

Experience into results

Microsoft Sentinel

We take Microsoft Sentinel’s core platform, add our powerful automation and service value to bring a unique managed experience within a single-pane-of-glass, so you can manage your entire security posture in one place.
Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security platform that uses AI to enhance threat detection, accelerate responses, increase effectiveness while reducing costs by as much as 48% compared to traditional SIEMs.
Collect data at scale
All users, devices, apps, infrastructure (on-prem to multi-cloud) for full data visibility.
Detect threats and minimise false positives
Unparalleled threat intelligence to combat sophisticated threats
Investigate threats with AI
Hunt suspicious activities at scale
Respond rapidly
Built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks

Microsoft Sentinel Key Benefits

Reduces costs by up to 48%
67% faster to deploy than on-prem SIEMs
Reduced management effort by 56%

CloudGuard is built on Microsoft Sentinel: a cloud-native, AI-driven security SIEM platform.


CloudGuard Platform: Key Features

CloudGuard takes Sentinel’s core features and expands on them in three key ways:

Platform Capability

We take the core features of Sentinel and provide services that deepen and enrich the experience. This includes fine-tuning your Sentinel instance, a clear presentation layer to bring everything together, enriching your data with third party data to detect vulnerabilities and automatically comparing your compliance posture to regulatory requirements.

Key features:

  • Managed Sentinel: Automated deployment and fully managed
  • Open Integration: End to end integration with the Microsoft security services
  • Data Visualisation: Augmented security insights at a glance
  • Enrichment: Threat Intelligence and enhance vulnerability insights

Custom Automation

CloudGuard includes a vast library of automated scripts to detect, hunt and remediate security threats that is constantly being updated by our ThreatOps experts with the latest data. At the same time, we have added a whole range of integrations to Sentinel that make it much easier to use with the rest of your business.

Key features:

  • Sentinel best practices and expertise: set up your platform perfectly first time
  • Custom automation workflows: continuously evolving security playbooks
  • Custom threat remediation scripts: fully up-to-date library of the latest threats and automated remediation scripts
  • Custom connectors and APIs: connect the dots between different parts of your business
  • Integrations/connectors: integrate with over 150 3rd party connectors as well as your own resolution teams and tools

Customer Experience

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that not only the technology, but the experience of using it, is second-to-none.

  • Trustworthy human support: 24/7 support from our security experts
  • Continuous optimisation: we continuously optimize your security and risk posture
  • Customer success manager: we take you on the whole journey
  • Smooth on-/off-boarding: next day, single-click deployment and roll-back plus a 14-day free trial
our platform

Benefits of the CloudGuard Platform

The end result is a total transformation
  • Take away the pain of deploying and managing Sentinel
    Knowing how to deploy a complex security platform, which data to integrate (without getting inundated), how to optimise is difficult. Our managed Sentinel service takes all that aggravation away.
  • Easy to use and manage
    We’ve gone the extra mile to make CloudGuard as hassle-free as possible. Fully-automated single-click deployment that is easy to roll back.
  • Turbocharge Sentinel’s core features
    We take the core features of Sentinel and augment them to the nth degree: including data enrichment, data visualisation, vulnerability management, enhanced threat remediation. All supported by trustworthy ThreatOps experts around the clock.

Want to amplify your security? Automate threat responses? Deeply understand your risk profile?

Let us show you how CloudGuard can liberate you from the uncertainty and complexity of modern security, while making it more responsive and effective.