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CloudGuard’s MXDR Automates 98% of Amazon Filters Threat Responses

Discover how CloudGuard’s automated approach and integration with Microsoft Sentinel enabled Amazon Filters to navigate the dynamic cybersecurity landscape with confidence.


Amazon Filters lacked internal resources for cybersecurity in the face of rising threats. By teaming up with CloudGuard, they automated threat detection, analysis and response. In just 90 days, automation addressed 98% of alerts, resulting in a 52-day saving compared to manual methods. CloudGuard’s integration with Microsoft Sentinel provided real-time threat visibility and streamlined operations. With CloudGuard managing 1633 alert responses effortlessly, Amazon Filters can focus on what truly matters – growing their business.

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Company profile

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Size: >250 people
  • Turnover: c. £40m

Services used

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Setting the scene for change

Amazon Filters, a leading UK manufacturer specialising in bespoke filtration technology, recognised the critical importance of safeguarding their organisation against evolving cyber threats.

Amidst escalating cybercrime activities within their sector, they embarked on a journey to improve their cybersecurity posture with CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service. Here’s how cybersecurity automation transformed their security operations.

Conventional security just wasn’t up to the challenge

Challenges faced:

  • Conventional security measures faced limitations against rising cyber threats
  • Industry ransomware attacks prompted a cybersecurity strategy review
  • CloudGuard’s assessment provided clarity and strategic guidance

Like many organisations, Amazon Filters relied on conventional security measures such as email filtering and antivirus software to protect their digital infrastructure. However, the exponential rise in cyber threats and the growing sophistication of malicious actors exposed the limitations of their existing security strategy.

A spate of ransomware attacks targeting competitors in their industry triggered Amazon Filters to reevaluate their cybersecurity strategy.

MakeUK states that “almost half of Britain’s manufacturers have been a victim of cyber-crime over the last 12 months” and that 65% had faced production stoppages as a result. This, combined with the concerns about operational technology security, means more manufacturers are adopting tighter cybersecurity measures.

They started with CloudGuard’s Security Posture Assessment to better understand their current security posture. Their IT Manager said:

“The Q&A style of the assessment made it clear where we were lacking adequate protection and gave us a strategies roadmap to improve.”

Another key challenge was the lack of specialised cybersecurity resources to effectively combat advanced threats. This common problem, known as the cybersecurity talent gap, undermines cybersecurity operations in a vast number of companies around the world.

After deploying and managing Microsoft Defender themselves, Amazon Filters realised they needed a managed SIEM solution to enhance real-time monitoring, detection, management, and resolution of security issues.

Choosing the right managed security services provider

Faced with the task of improving their cybersecurity posture, Amazon Filters began an evaluation of cybersecurity solutions available in the market.

12 steps to choosing an MXDR service partner

After careful consideration, they chose CloudGuard’s as their ideal partner to address their cybersecurity challenges. The Protect Plus MXDR service was favoured for its proactive approach and seamless integration with their existing Microsoft-centric infrastructure. CloudGuard’s engagement during the process, and their tailored offering, matched with Amazon Filters’ strategic objectives.

What is MXDR?

MXDR stands for Managed eXtended Detection and Response.

It’s a managed cybersecurity solution that unifies an organisation’s security data, analyses it with artificial intelligence, automatically raises the alarm, and remediates if anything suspicious is detected.

Learn more about MXDR here.

Integration with Microsoft Sentinel

As a primarily Microsoft-centric organisation, Amazon Filters recognised the value of integrating CloudGuard’s MXDR service with Microsoft Sentinel SIEM.

The seamless integration, deploying CloudGuard’s custom connectors, ensured that Amazon Filters could leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel’s security analytics and threat intelligence platform.

The one-click automated deployment feature further streamlined the implementation, enabling Amazon Filters to rapidly deploy the MXDR service without disrupting their existing operations.

Read the 5 steps CloudGuard follows to ensure a successful implementation.

Improving security posture

The deployment of CloudGuard’s MXDR service marked a significant milestone in Amazon Filters’ cybersecurity journey.

By automating critical processes such as threat detection, analysis, and remediation, the Protect Plus MXDR service gave Amazon Filters real-time visibility into potential threats across their digital estate.

This proactive approach to cybersecurity enabled Amazon Filters to stay ahead of emerging threats and mitigate risks effectively, improving their overall security posture and resilience against cyber-attacks.

The results: Leveraging cyber automation for efficiency gains

Screenshot showing Automation Impact within Amazon Filters dashboard

Automation is the heart of CloudGuard’s Protect Plus MXDR service, driving substantial efficiency gains and resource optimisation.

Automated threat enrichment or resolution occurred in 98% of alerts over a 90-day period. Had Amazon Filters opted for a DIY approach to achieve the same level of security, it would have taken 52 days to action manually. With CloudGuard’s automation know-how and always-on managed security operations, this only amounted to 8 days effort spread over the period, proving the potential efficiency gains possible.

Responsive support is a definite winner

CloudGuard’s post-deployment support and responsiveness reinforced Amazon Filters’ confidence in the MXDR service. While initial communication via Teams Tenants posed minor challenges, the overall support experience was commendable.

The future looks secure for Amazon Filters

Amazon Filters views the MXDR service as a foundational component of their future cybersecurity strategy. With plans to leverage CloudGuard’s flexibility to accommodate evolving security needs, Amazon Filters is poised to improve their cybersecurity posture further.

By harnessing the strengths of Microsoft Sentinel and CloudGuard’s MXDR service in tandem, Amazon Filters aims to proactively adapt and evolve their cybersecurity posture to meet the evolving threat landscape effectively.

What Amazon Filters had to say

Amazon Filters’ IT Manager said:

“CloudGuard’s MXDR service has been a game-changer for Amazon Filters. From providing a clear roadmap for cybersecurity improvement to seamlessly integrating with our existing infrastructure, it’s been a transformative experience. The automation and proactive threat detection have not only strengthened our security posture but also saved us time and resources. With CloudGuard as our security partner, we feel confident in our ability to navigate the evolving threat landscape and protect our business effectively.”

Prepared for the future

Through their partnership with CloudGuard and the adoption of the Protect Plus MXDR service, Amazon Filters has improved their overall security posture, and embraced automation as a cornerstone of their security strategy.

By combining the strengths of Microsoft Sentinel and CloudGuard’s proactive approach, Amazon Filters is now prepared to navigate the dynamic cybersecurity landscape with confidence, ensuring the continued protection of their digital assets, data and business operations.

Ready to automate your cybersecurity operations?

Discover how CloudGuard’s Protect MXDR service can automate threat detection, analysis, and response in your business – unlocking a stronger security posture.