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Our managed XDR service strengthens your security

Modern cyber attacks are growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication. CloudGuard’s MXDR service (Managed Extended Detection and Response) is the next generation of intelligent cybersecurity. By leveraging AI and automation - carefully guided by our team of threat intelligence experts - we can help you to ensure powerful security coverage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security centre.
Proactive threat hunting
We don't just sit back and wait for attacks to happen. We integrate valuable threat intelligence feeds into our MXDR service, so it can proactively hunt and protect you against new and upcoming threats.
Advanced threat detection
Artificial intelligence unlocks so much potential in cybersecurity. It enables advanced threat detection by scanning for threats across your entire organisation in real-time, far faster than any human.
Rapid incident response
Our automation-first approach guarantees rapid incident response times to any security incident. We're always coming up with new automations and ways to improve, helping to reduce costs.
Continious 24/7 protection
Our MXDR service is always on, meaning your business has next-level cybersecurity protection 24/7. With everything taken care of, you can focus on the important task of growing your business.


They know what they're talking about

“I am impressed by the expertise and customization of CloudGuard's solution and services. As a digital sustainability bank, we at radicant are breaking new ground and focusing on innovative solutions. With CloudGuard, we have a strong partner at our side who follows this mindset with the appropriate tools and specialists in the information security area”
Christine Fahlberg, CISO at Radicant Bank.
“I am impressed by the expertise and customization of CloudGuard's solution and services. As a digital sustainability bank, we at radicant are breaking new ground and focusing on innovative solutions. With CloudGuard, we have a strong partner at our side who follows this mindset with the appropriate tools and specialists in the information security area”
Christine Fahlberg, CISO at Radicant Bank.


Simple deploy.
Live in just 20 minutes

Let's be honest. You don't want to wait weeks or months for a deployment.

That's why CloudGuard's automation genuises have built a simple deploy for its MXDR platform that gets you up and running in minutes.

Our platform transforms your Microsoft Sentinel SIEM data, using artificial intelligence to make threats clearer and responses faster.

End-to-end detection and response in one place. Goodbye complexity.

Proof in the cyber pudding

Incident tickets resolved with automation
Mean Time to Resolve for incident tickets
Optimised Microsoft Sentinel savings with our deployment

Welcome to the future

AI-powered MXDR service

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and that's not going to change. Hackers use it to create ever-relentless waves of sophisticated cyberattacks. That's why it's also got to form part of your defence strategy.

Artificial intelligence gives your security the boost it needs to stay on step ahead and proactively hunt for threats by analysing vast amounts of data almost instantly. CloudGuard's managed XDR service is built with artificial intelligence at its core, and it's always learning how to better protect your business.

how our mxdr service works

Co-piloted cybersecurity

Cybersecurity shouldn't rely solely on tech or people. It needs both to succeed. That's why we've combined the powers of artificial intelligence and automation with human ingenuity.

Our AI-powered security engine is always hunting for threats. It analyses vast amounts of data from your connected infrastructure environments, apps and endpoints to spot anomalies and attacks.

If anything suspicious is spotted, it's rapidly investigated and triaged by our automated bot (Ansel). Our ever-evolving library of automation scripts means resolution times get faster.

When that extra level of human experience is needed, he hands everything over to our SOC team to make the fast decisions needed to protect your business.

Threatops experts

Meet the Guardians protecting you

Conor Mallon
Head of Operations
Martin Vondrous
SOC Analyst
Joe Appleby
SOC Analyst
Dafydd Davies
SOC Analyst

cloud-native cybersecurity

Powered by Microsoft Sentinel

We take the power of Microsoft Sentinel - their cloud-native SIEM platform - integrate it seamlessly into your business, and evolve it with our extensive library of automation scripts, sophisticated security intelligence and best-of-breed SecOps experts.

We can ingest data from your on-premise and cloud infrastructure platforms, endpoints, apps and more. Our automated deployment means you can have your Microsoft Sentinel set-up, optimised and running in 20 minutes. Everything stays in your cloud, keeping your data safe.
hunting the hunters
Introducing next-level threat intelligence
Most modern cybersecurity solutions can ingest data from your business to alert you of potential attacks but that's not enough. Our managed XDR service adds the latest threat intelligence data to enhance our detection capabilities and better understand the evolving threat landscape.

With its constantly updated streams of collated data, threat intelligence adds that important layer of context to any attack. This helps to make responses much more timely and effective. We supercharge these feeds with our artificial intelligence and automation capabilities, connecting dots and indicators to catch what others miss.

WHY Cloudguard Managed XDR?

What all this means for your business

Your business faces mounting challenges. There's persistent threat actors, complex data streams from unconnected security systems, and a cyber skills shortage. Attack surfaces are bigger than ever before with threats coming at you from every angle. The financial, operational and reputational risks are also greater.

Thankfully, Our MXDR service instantly transforms your security operations, helping you overcome these challenges and taking things to the next level.
Solve the talent gap
Our combination of AI, automation and humans eliminates the steep learning curve normally required to run cybersecurity services, and reduces the need for you to hire difficult-to-find cyber skills.
Optimise and reduce costs
According to Microsoft, Sentinel is 48% less expensive to deploy than traditional security platforms. Further reduce costs by leveraging our automation expertise and remove the costly manual footprint.
Eliminate complexity
Traditional cybersecurity services are complex. Our managed XDR service isn't. We connect all your business' security data, analyse it, and configure it into easily digestible, actionable dashboards.
Scale security posture
Our MXDR service can grow and scale with your business, meaning that you're always going to be protected. Our Guardians are constantly writing new scripts, automations and improvements.
Catch what others miss
With fully integrated threat intelligence data feeds as standard, you'll be instantly proactively protected against a wider range of devious threats compared to traditional cybersecurity solutions.
Achieve instant protection
Our seamless, automated deployment means you can be up and running in just 20 minutes. We then go on our learning journey to maximise your protection and strengthen your security posture.
Respond to threats faster
Harnessing the power of automation means we can rapidly response to any incidents. Alerts are enriched, triaged and actioned within minutes. Less time means less risk of lasting damage.
Win back valuable time
Artificial intelligence is hunting and detecting threats, automation is leading incident response, and humans experts are problem-solving. With all that taken care of, you can focus on your business.

Ready to proactively stop threats?

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Frequently asked questions
What is MXDR? cross
Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is a cybersecurity service that protects businesses from potential threats and attacks across their entire technology landscape. MXDR blends advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, and human expertise to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents in a timely manner.
How does an MXDR service work? cross
MXDR services works by seamlessly integrating with existing cybersecurity approaches like SIEM, SOAR, and SOC – amplifying their capabilities. It leverages artificial intelligence and automation to shift through vast amounts of data from various sources, detecting and responding to threats in real-time. This intelligent automation reduces manual effort and allows for swift incident response and remediation.
How much does an MXDR service cost? cross
The cost of a managed MXDR service varies based on factors like business size, complexity, and service provider. MXDR is typically a subscription-based service with recurring fees for monitoring and incident response. To get an accurate cost, it’s best to contact MXDR providers directly, considering factors such as endpoints monitored, threat intelligence, incident response, and customisation.
What are the benefits of MXDR services? cross
There are many benefits to undertaking an MXDR service in your business, including: enhancing security, early threat detection, expert analysis and response, continuous monitoring, fast incident response and cost-effective security operations.
What data can your MXDR service ingest? cross
CloudGuard's MXDR service can ingest security data from your on-premise and cloud infrastructure platforms, email, endpoints, applications and more - covering your entire digital landscape in one place. We've got plenty out-of-the-box connectors ready to go, but we can also build custom connectors for more complex integrations.
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