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Assessment Services Overview

Our assessment services help you to answer the most important security questions:

  • Where are the vulnerabilities in our security posture?
  • How does our security maturity compare against industry benchmarks?
  • Are we meeting our critical business security requirements?
  • What steps do I need to take to remediate the most critical vulnerabilities?

Vulnerability Assessment

Every company has security vulnerabilities. Take control of your security by illuminating weaknesses across your organisation.
  • Vulnerability Discovery
    We use our best-in-class security tooling to identify open vulnerabilities, cross-referenced against your business security requirements
  • Detailed Reporting
    We provide a detailed report highlighting risks and gaps in your security posture across your entire stack along with an impact assessment for each
  • Remediation Plan
    We build out a step-by-step plan to ratify vulnerabilities, implement new controls before retesting to confirm remediation

Security Posture Assessment

Determine which aspects of your security are meeting your business’ risk requirements and where you’re falling short relative to industry standards.
End-to-end assessment
We take a look at the maturity of your entire stack, from infrastructure to endpoints and everything in between
Detailed maturity report
Get a clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your security posture
Key recommendations
Get a list of key recommendations that will help you to bridge the gap between your current and your future-state security posture

Security Health Check

Determine that your security processes, environments and tooling are properly configured and working effectively.
Best Practice Baseline
Our experts will assess your existing platforms and systems to determine best practice alignment and provide recommendations to maximise your existing security investments
Optimise your tooling
If you’ve deployed security tooling, we check that everything is optimised for your business environment and security goals
Improve security outcomes
We ensure that your security processes and protocols are working effectively and creating the intended business outcomes regarding security and risk

Business Outcomes

  • Reduce complexity

    Get a clear view of where your business is currently exposed to external threat actors

  • Compare and contrast

    See how your business stacks up against industry benchmarks and standards

  • Determine next steps

    Eliminate the confusion of determining your next best action with a step-by-step remediation plan

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Why CloudGuard

Trusted Expertise
Our expert security advisors have years of enterprise experience across on premise and multi-cloud environments and we operate a zero trust ethos across our customer base
Intelligent Tools
We have partnered with world class innovative security technology partners to provide our consultants with the toolbox to maximise our value and provide deep insights to our customers environments
Microsoft First Strategy
We stand behind a Microsoft first approach to meet all of our customer’s security challenges and requirements. We are proud that CloudGuard has been built on the foundation of the Microsoft Security ecosystem.
Industry Scoring and Benchmarking
We will benchmark your security baseline against industry best practice and provide expert recommendations to further improve your posture