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Liam Houlihan21. Apr 2023 Corporate Blog

Demystifying Encryption

How it works and why it’s critical for Cybersecurity With ground-breaking technology becoming more publicly available each day, securing sensitive data is becoming an increasing threat in the Cyber Security landscape. Encryption is a key…

Javid Khan23. Jan 2023 Corporate Blog

AI Threat Intelligence: No Longer Something of the Future

Machine Learning As Our First Line Of Digital Defense  Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to evaluate data and learn its meaning. The goal of combining machine learning and threat…

Ivan Avin23. Jan 2023 Corporate Blog

An Introduction To MLSecOps

Companies around the world are looking towards technological solutions to optimize their operations and decrease their capital expenditure, especially given the current economic landscape. There has been a major propensity and transition towards CloudOps implementation…

Rebecca Walmsley16. Sep 2021 Corporate Blog

AI and Fusion in Azure Sentinel

What is Azure Sentinel? Azure Sentinel, one of the most sophisticated SIEM solutions, is heavily infused with Machine Learning (ML), providing an unrivaled depth of built-in, advanced ML analytics that cover the most common threats…