Combine CloudGuard Protect with our Enhanced services to amplify your security posture


Improve the accuracy and visibility against new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities

CloudGuard’s Enhanced services represent the next generation of proactively identifying, investigating and hunting cyber threats.

Leveraging market leading threat intelligence and vulnerability platforms to provide a fully integrated seamless experience with greater insights to constant evolving threats. A combination of machine learning to provide automated analytics and human-finished intelligence from our ThreatOps team, CloudGuard is able to get ahead of emerging threats before they get to you.


Threat Intelligence

The threat landscape evolves at an incredible pace—ensure you are always one step ahead of the game.

Our advanced threat intelligence service feeds the latest real-time threat and intelligence straight into CloudGuard’s Protect platform.

Integrated third party intelligence data
We enrich CloudGuard Protect’s information feed with the most up-to-date threat intelligence from leading real-time intelligence service providers so you are always up-to-date
Dynamic intelligence analytics
Integrating and analysing multiple intelligence feeds to produce novel security insights to enhance threat hunting and remediation

Vulnerability Management

The attack surface of your infrastructure is constantly changing as threats evolve.

We continuously scan and test your environment for new potential vulnerabilities, giving you rock-solid confidence in your risk posture.

Scenario-based testing
We identify likely threat scenarios and test your infrastructure against the tactics we would expect from a real-world cybercriminal to identify new weaknesses
Continuous assessment and monitoring
Identify new vulnerabilities as soon as they appear by monitoring continuously
Advanced reporting
Intuitive reporting helps you understand understand and prioritise security risks and vulnerabilities

Business Outcomes

  • Gain the confidence of 360 degree security coverage

    Enjoy maximum confidence by continuously optimising the most challenging aspects of your security posture: vulnerability, compliance and threat intelligence

  • Guidance from deep security insights

    Manage your security based on the guidance of deep intelligence and sophisticated security analytics

  • Liberate yourself from ever-growing complexity

    By seamlessly integrating our enhancement services with the core CloudGuard platform, you can hand over the burden of security complexity to our expert team and cutting-edge technology

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Why CloudGuard

World-Class ThreatOps expertise
We have some of the world's best ThreatOps experts on hand to continuously update the platform in response to the latest threats, we ensure that your business is always defended
Obsessive customer support
We are with you every step of the way, from initial onboarding, through the data ingestion and integration all the way to long-term optimisation
Intelligent Tools
We have partnered and integrated our platform with world class innovative security technology partners to provide a single unique experience with deep insights across our customers environments
Trusted Expertise
Our expert security advisors have years of enterprise experience across on premise and multi-cloud environments and we operate a zero trust ethos across our customer base