Proactively defend your business with the perfect balance of human and machine intelligence

Traditional security is costly and labour-intensive. And modern cyber attacks are growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication. CloudGuard’s Protect services represents the next generation of intelligent security. By leveraging AI and automation—carefully guided by our team of threat intelligence experts—we can help you to ensure powerful security coverage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security centre.



CloudGuard Protect

CloudGuard Protect is a managed cloud-native, AI-driven XDR platform that helps you to proactively detect and automatically remediate threats in real-time. We take the power of Sentinel—Microsoft’s cloud-native security platform—integrate it seamlessly into your business and evolve it with our extensive library of automation scripts, sophisticated security intelligence and best-of-breed SecOps experts

CloudGuard Protect can amplify your security, automate threat responses and provide you with intelligence to understand your risk profile

Let us show you how CloudGuard can liberate you from the uncertainty and complexity of modern security, while making it more responsive and effective.

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CloudGuard Protect Plus

CloudGuard Protect Plus is our comprehensive 24/7 Managed XDR service that uses sophisticated custom orchestration and automation libraries to transform your SOC into an AI-driven powerhouse. Reduce complexity, slash costs while unleashing custom potent security remediation capacities by leveraging the real depth of AI, automation and our Intelligent SOC to proactively enhance your security posture.

Business Outcomes

  • Slash Costs

    According to Microsoft, Sentinel is 48% less expensive to deploy than traditional security platforms. Further reduce costs by leveraging our automation expertise and remove the costly manual footprint.

  • Liberate Yourself From Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

    Eliminate the operational burden of tedious manual work and the complexity of making decisions about individual threats.

  • Greater Clarity Around Your Risk and Security

    Automatically maintain an up-to-date and proactive security posture without needing an army of security experts on hand making manual adjustments

  • Eliminate The Skills Problem

    Our experts deploy and manage the platform on your behalf, eliminating the steep learning curve normally required and reducing the need for difficult-to-find skills

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Why CloudGuard

World-Class ThreatOps expertise

We have some of the world's best ThreatOps experts on hand to continuously update the platform in response to the latest threats, we ensure that your business is always defended

Seamless onboarding

Our team helps you to seamlessly deploy, connect and optimally set up Sentinel for your exact business needs within 48 hours. All without touching your data or your Microsoft subscription

Obsessive customer support

We are with you every step of the way, from initial onboarding, through the data ingestion and integration all the way to long-term optimisation

Trusted Microsoft Expert

Our world class Microsoft consultants are on standby to provide deep expertise, ensuring you get the maximum value from your Microsoft investment. We pride ourselves on being a recognised Microsoft Security Partner with a Microsoft first approach to cyber security

Protect Service Comparison

CloudGuard's Protect XDR platform, providing realtime insights and automation to proactively hunt and remediate threats
CloudGuard's 24/7 Protect Plus XDR platform, enhanced custom configuration and enrichment services, providing realtime insights and automation to hunt and remediate threats
Standard Data Connectors, Rules & Alerts
Custom Data Connectors
Custom Rules and Alerts
SOAR Integration
Custom SOAR Integration and Library
Rule Optimisation and Tuning
Cost and Log Optimisation
Github Script Repository
CloudGuard Insight Engine
CloudGuard Custom Insight Engine
Customer Success Manager
Service Integration
Incident Notifications
24/7 Incident Response (SLAs)
Advanced Threat Remediation
Managed Threat Hunting
Advanced Investigations & Reporting